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Improving Fire/Life Safety Through Applied Technology

KoriTech is pleased to introduce the Building Data Recorder (BDR) -- a new and exciting technology developed to improve the state of operational readiness of a building's fire/life safety system. BDRs can verify (the degree of) code compliance through automated monitoring and analysis of critical fire/life safety system parameters and as a result can, at any time, inform interested parties of the operational status of a building's sprinkler system, the fire alarm system and other life safety system like elevator recall, BEFORE these systems are required to activate in the event of an emergency. Also, BDRs will record all critical fire/life safety system behavior so that in the event of an emergency the history of all the systems can be retrieved for forensic analysis.

Our patents (5,950,150, and 5,680,329) essentially describe a "black box" for buildings, akin to those found on aircraft. But instead of just being reactive, that is useful after the fact, our BDR, while monitoring critical fire/life safety system infrastructure, provides real-time status data about the state-of-readiness of a building's fire/life safety system, instantly notifying interested parties of problems, so corrective action can be taken before the situation worsens. By determining if code-prescribed maintenance is being performed, the degree of code compliance can be verified and a measure of preparedness quantified. In addition, over time, our BDR becomes predictive. This means it can alert building managers to developing situations before failure of a fire/life safety system component occurs. Our BDR technology was developed to help ensure that fire/life safety systems were being properly maintained per code. We believe we have achieved this goal and then some.

No more so than today, ensuring the operational readiness of a building's fire/life safety system is of paramount importance and is a foundational aspect of emergency planning and preparedness. Maintaining a fire/life safety system per code has been and will always be the key to its successful operation during an emergency. Not only does BDR technology allow the degree of code compliance to be measured, recorded and analyzed, it provides the very tool, for local fire authorities and building managers alike, to determine the preparedness of a building's fire/life safety system, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

With BDR technology applied to a building's fire/life safety system, interested parties can:

- Know system "health" instantly
- Initiate corrective actions
- Ensure code compliance
- Archive all system information
- Analyze system/equipment trends/performance
- Determine if maintenance personnel are performing
- Anticipate future maintenance issues
- Obtain/maintain compliance records
- Reconstruct events for forensic analysis

In addition to these benefits, building owners would improve their bottom line by minimizing fire/life safety system failures, which would result in fewer losses, while assuring occupants of preparedness and possibly qualifying for lower insurance rates.

We believe our BDR technology represents the most effective tool the fire protection industry has seen since the widespread introduction of the automatic sprinkler head in the early 1900s. Determining fire/life safety system preparedness by helping building owners and managers improve fire/life safety system maintenance is what BDR technology is all about.

To learn more about our technology, you can download some background files (pdf file format) by clicking on the appropriate link below:

U.S. Patent Number: 5,680,329
U.S. Patent Number: 5,950,150
BDR Presentation for the National Institute of Standards and Technology: NIST Presentation
A summary of presentations can be found on the NIST and the World Trade Center website.

Thank you for your interest in our Building Data Recorder (BDR) technology.

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